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VDI for Windows



1. Install the client from

2. Click next once you have started the install.

Setup Image 1

2. Check the radio button to accept the terms in the license agreement, and click next

Setup Image 2

3. Leave the featured installation options specified and click next

Setup Image 3

4. Enter for the connection server, and click next

Setup Image 4

5. Make sure Show in connection dialog is checked and click next

Setup Image 5

6. Check boxes to add an icon to your desktop and in your start menu and click next

Setup Image 6

7. Click Install

Setup Image 7

8.The installation will begin

Setup Image 8

9. Once complete you can click finish

Setup Image 9

10. Click Yes to restart your system before you run the program.

Setup Image 10

Connecting to VDI:

1. Run the VMware View client to connect

2. Enter as connection server if required


3. Click OK to continue at the welcome message

4. Enter your Oneonta username/password

5. Select "General Purpose Computer Labs" and click Connect


6. You may see the following screen for a couple of seconds while you are connected to a desktop