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Links of Interest

Tomorrow's Teaching and Learning

A Berkeley Compendium of Suggestions for Teaching with Excellence
Describes more than 200 teaching techniques that faculty members have found to be effective in their courses at the University of California, Berkeley.
Of particular interest: Explaining clearly, encouraging class discussion, giving interesting assignments, and much more

Develop Faculty Web Site

An excellent list of web resources for faculty done by Faculty Development Associates. This alphabetic listing includes everything from Academic Integrity to Writing Accross the Curriculum.

Faculty Teaching Breakfast - SUNY Oneonta

Information about local faculty group that meets monthly to discuss issues of teaching and learning.
Of particular interest: Links to minutes and handouts from previous meetings.

Selected Web Educational Resources for Teaching and Learning
Of particular interest: Perspectives on teaching, teaching strategies, instructional technologies, Integrating the web in your classroom, copyright issues.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
International research center for research and policy studies about teaching
Of particular interest: The Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL)

The Stanford University Learning Laboratory
Projects and programs on the improvement of learning
Of particular interest: CREATE (Creating Research Examples Across the Teaching Enterprise)


Tomorrow's Academy

The bimonthly publication of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).
Of particular interest: Free on-line access to past issues

American Association for Higher Education
An individual membership organization promoting changes higher education.
Of particular interest: In-depth material on such subjects as faculty roles and rewards, programs for the promotion of institutional change, and teaching learning and technology.

American Association of University Professors
Defends academic freedom and tenure, advocates collegial governance, and develops policies ensuring due process
Of particular interest: Academe, post-tenure review, part-time faculty

American Council on Education
A forum for the discussion of major issues related to higher education
Of special interest: Minorities and women in higher education

Change Magazine
The AAHE magazine of higher learning
Of particular interest: Thoughtful, in-depth articles

Colleges and Universities – Yahoo Listings
Complete world-wide listing by country and type
Of particular interest: Over 10,000 listings, virtually every institution of higher education in the world.

The Chronicle of Higher Education
THE weekly magazine on higher education
Of particular interest: Full access on-line to subscribers, most articles designed for easy printing and e-mail distribution

The National Teaching & Learning Forum
Stimulating insight from colleagues eager to share new ways of helping students reach the highest levels of learning.
Of particular interest: partnership with Tomorrow’s Professor Listserv, institutional site license available.

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Preparing Future Faculty
National network on programs for the preparation for the full range of faculty roles subsumed by the terms teaching, research, and service.
Of particular interest: Links to Campus Based programs, Resources for Faculty and Graduates Students

The Chronicle of Higher Education Career Network
Advice columns, news, and job listings in higher education
Of particular interest: Job Announcements, Job Market News, Beyond the Ivory Tower, Moving Up, Catalyst, Career Talk, Ms. Mentor

Association of American Colleges and Universities
Excellent site about all things in Higher Education. In particular, good material for faculty.

National Science Foundation – Education – Faculty Development

Of particular interest: Over 100 on-line documents related to faculty development

Other Faculty Development Sites
University of Florida faculty development index
Of particular interest: Links to dozens of faculty development sites in the U.S. and Canada

Survival in the Academy
Excellent, if slightly dated, advice on survival skills for graduate students
Of particular interest: The Assistant Professors Guide to The Galaxy