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Call for Faculty Fellows


  • Do you use a particular piece of educational technology in your classes?

  • Would you be interested in sharing what you know about it with other faculty?

The TLTC is seeking Faculty Fellows to be the campus experts in one chosen educational technology (Clickers? Voicethread? R?) of your own interest. We seek faculty who would be willing to lead a mid-day seminar once per semester in this academic year to share with us and other interested colleagues what you know and be an on-call expert when questions arise.

Faculty who are accepted as TLTC Fellows will be awarded a stipend of $500 in a year for sharing their expertise in a single software title or piece of hardware.

If you make use of an educational technology tool you think would be benefitial to the campus community and would like to become a TLTC Faculty Fellow in supporting that tool, please contact Tim Ploss at to relate your interest.