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All Devices (computers, tablets, game systems, smartphones, smart TVs, etc.) must be registered to access the network.

To see what devices are already registered and to delete the ones you no longer need, click here.


Before you Register:

Note: You can complete all of these steps from the Oneonta Registration Network.

  • Oneonta Computer Account and Password:
    • You will need your Oneonta username and password to register.  Please visit webservices if  you need to reset your password or for any other account maintenance issues.   

  • Windows Updates
    • The most current windows updates must be installed on your machine in order to pass our scanner. Periodically Microsoft will release updates to their operating systems and software to help combat the ever-growing threat of hackers and security issues. You must have the "Critical Updates and Service Packs" installed before coming to campus, or connecting to our network will be delayed. These updates are required to help keep your machine and our network stable. To get started scanning your computer for updates and for information on automatic updates/firewalls, go to:
  • Antivirus:   You must have an active/updated antivirus program installed to use the SUNY Oneonta network. Viruses can cause major damage to your investment and to the campus network. Keep your AV software up to date, enable on-access scanning and run full system scans periodically.

    You may use an Anti-Virus of your choice, or download one of the free solutions that work with our network registration system.

    Microsoft Windows other than Windows 8  Microsoft Security Essentials is available for free.

    Windows 8 users can activate Microsoft Windows Defender. For instructions on how to activate Windows Defender in Windows 8, please contact the helpdesk or click here.  

    Mac OS users can  use Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition free from 

  • AntiSpyware
    • Spyware can lead to pop-ups, unwanted emails, inability to browse the internet, and is a security risk to your personal information. Spyware removal programs like Ad-aware and Spybot Search and Destroy can be downloaded free for personal use at You should update and run these programs at least once a week.

To Register:

  1. Connect your unregistered computer to the network and launch your browser or if registering from home click here.
  2. Carefully read the "instructions" link to make sure you run the process correctly.
  3. Click on “Users Who Have an Oneonta Account” and enter your Oneonta username and password.  Once you’ve entered the information, click “register”
  4. A scan will begin to check your computer to make sure it meets the minimum requirements needed to connect to the campus network. When this process runs, your computer will be scanned for updated Antivirus software and critical Windows Updates.
  5. When the scan is finished you will either get a message saying you are successfully registered or that you may have failed parts of the scan (areas failed will be specified) just make the necessary updates and then run the scan again.
  6. After successfully registering, please shut your machine down and then turn it back on.

Game Consoles, Roku, Kindle, Chromecast, and Smart TV Registration


  • Make sure you’ve connected your game console to the Oneonta network (wired or wirelessly) and have tried to launch a game or web browser before registering!
  • Once you’ve connected the console to the network (wired or wirelessly) click HERE from a computer that is already registered, choose the link named “Game Devices” and follow the directions.



If your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device has a web browser, you should be able to register the device by opening the browser and following the instructions on the registration page.

  • Connect your smartphone, tablet, or other web enabled mobile device to the campus wireless network (Red Dragon Wifi or RedDragonSecure).
  • Open the device’s web browser. If you don’t see the registration page, try navigating to or – you should be redirected to the registration page at this point.
  • Once you see the registration page, click on “Users Who Have an Oneonta Account” and follow the steps to register your mobile device.
  • You may need to completely power off the device and restart before you can connect to the campus network.

If you have any trouble registering, call the Service Desk at 607-436-4567, or email for assistance.