Before You Print, Think About This…….




What are the default settings on my printer?  Are they appropriate for my task?

Go to File Tab > Print

The Printer Properties Link

  • Under the Print Button, the currently selected printer is listed.
  • Beneath the currently selected printer, click Printer Properties
  • The default properties of your printer are displayed in the tabs of the resulting Printer Document Properties dialog.

The Settings Heading

More default settings are displayed below , under the Settings Heading.  By default, the printer is set to :

    • Print all pages
    • Print one-sided
    • Print collated
    • Print in Portrait orientation
    • Print in 8.5X11 inch, letter size
    • Print with one inch margins
    • Print one page per sheet

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How can I change the default settings on my printer?

You can easily change any of the above listed printer settings to suit your needs.  Go to File Tab > Print.

Click the Printer Properties link to change the following settings:

    • Paper size
    • Paper source and type
    • Print quality (better print quality = more ink used)
    • The number of pages/slides per sheet (more pages/slides per sheet = fewer pages used)

Under the Settings heading, you may modify each setting by clicking them, expanding the menu, and selecting the desired choice.

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What if I want to print in color?

If your printer is a color printer, and your document includes color, then, by default, the printer will print in color.  If you don’t want to print in color, you may:

  • Go to File Tab > Print
  • Click Printer Properties
  • Click the Color Tab > Color Options
  • Check Print in Grayscale

If your printer is a black and white printer, and your document includes color, then the printer will print in grayscale, and color is not an option.  You will need to locate a color printer in order to print in color.

Per document, printing in color requires more ink than does printing in grayscale.

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How can I choose between double-sided printing and single sided printing?

In the computer labs, black and white printers are set to print both sides (duplex) by default.   Color printers in the labs are set to print single-sided by default.  These settings can be changed:

Go to File Tab > Print
Under Settings, locate the setting labeled “Print One Sided”
Click that setting and select the desired choice (Print One-Sided or Print on Both Sides)

Note:  Not all printers have this capability.

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What settings should I use if I want to print a poster?

Printing as a poster will utilize a greater amount of ink than normal sheet printing.  To print a poster, you need to set a custom page size.

To do so, go to File Tab > Print
Select the Printer Properties link
Go to the Paper/Quality tab
Under Paper Options > Size is:, click the Custom button
Specify your width and length, up to the limits imposed by the application.

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 What do I do if I click Print, and nothing happens?

There are a number of possible reasons that your print job is not coming out of the printer.  These include:

Printer Issues

    • Paper has run out:  Replenish paper
    • Ink has run out: Replenish ink
    • Paper jam: remove jam or call the Help Desk for assistance

Printer Connection Issues:

    • If the printer is a networked, check the network connection of the printer
    • If the printer is connected to your computer via USB, check the USB connection between the printer and computer

Computer Issues

    • The driver software has become corrupt:  Re-install or update the driver, or call the Held Desk for assistance
    • The wrong printer is selected in the application:  Go to File > Print, and make sure the desired printer is selected

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