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July, 2007

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New look for the College Website

On August 14th the College's Website will take on a new look.  This fresh design will appear on most pages right away - if your department has customization that requires additional work to mirror this style, you can call the Web Office at 436-3031 and talk to Jennifer Knapp.

This new design features a cleaner style, using more of the available screen space, with updated graphics and reorganization of some of the higher-level subsites.


"Spring" Cleaning in Summer

Since the Spring is such a busy time at the College, it appears that many offices have put off spring cleaning until the summer. As you walk through the halls of campus buildings, you’re bound to see large quantities of paper that has been culled and is headed for the garbage or recycling. 

If you are cleaning, moving or rearranging your office this summer be on the lookout for any sensitive information that might be among the papers or equipment (computers, disks, CDs, etc.) you are disposing of.  All documents containing personally identifiable information must be shredded or electronically destroyed (in the case of disks or other digital media).

You may not even remember that you have such information in your files.  Be sure to check everything before it goes in the trash or recycling.  Does the material contain personal information such as Social Security numbers or credit card numbers?  Grades?  Evaluations?  Think carefully about the material.  What damage could result from it being grabbed by an unscrupulous person?

Even information twenty years out of date is still considered sensitive and must be shredded. If you see sensitive information being disposed of improperly please bring it to the attention of your supervisor so that it can be properly handled.

Changing Your Banner Password on Expiration

When your Banner password expires, you will receive the following message as soon as you log into Banner:

Click on the ‘OK’ button, and you will be prompted for a new password:


Guidelines For Choosing Your Banner Password

  1. The Banner password must be at least 8 characters in length.
  2. The Banner password must contain at least 1 alphabetical character and at least 1 numerical character.
  3. The previous 5 Banner passwords cannot be reused.
  4. The Banner password must be different from the username.
  5. The Banner password must differ from the previous password by at least 3 characters.

Office 2007

After several months of intensive testing and preparation, we are ready to begin deploying Microsoft Office 2007 Professional. 

Unlike the previous three versions of Microsoft Office, the release of Office 2007 has a dramatically different user interface. Menus have been reorganized and replaced by a contextual “Ribbon”, and this version offers a number of new features and enhancements. To help support this change, the Technology Training Program has scheduled a number of “New Features” sessions for the Office 2007 applications, and Level 1 and Level 2 training sessions for those who want more in-depth instruction. In addition, we will continue to offer individual training sessions to those who are unable to set time aside during our regularly scheduled sessions.

For more information on our training offerings see  If you would like to schedule an individual training session, please contact Deb McClenon (, x2871) or Phil Bidwell (, x2710).

Another change that is important to note is that new applications save their files in new file formats. We will be initially configuring the applications to use what is known as “Compatibility Mode”, which will save the files in the old file type. For collaboration purposes (and until everyone has converted to the new version), you will need to use Compatibility Mode, since the new file format will not open in earlier versions of Office.

In a further effort to help you learn more about this new release, we have included a number of helpful links below that offer product overviews and the benefits of the new version.

As always, please feel free to contact us or the Information Technology Help Desk with any questions about this transition.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Quick product overview

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 product overview (5 mins, Article)

See Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 in action (5 mins, Tour/Video)

Microsoft Office Word 2007

Quick product overview

Microsoft Office Word 2007 Product Overview (10 mins, Article)

See Microsoft Office Word 2007 in action (5 mins, Tour/Video)


Microsoft Office Excel 2007

What's new?

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Product Overview (5 mins, Article)

See Microsoft Office Excel 2007 in action. (5 mins, Tour/Video)


Microsoft Office Access 2007

Quick product overview

Microsoft Office Access 2007 product overview (10 mins, Article)

See Microsoft Office Access 2007 in action (5 mins, Tour/Video)


Changes in Computer Services

The Computer Center's Rob Brown was recently promoted from Programmer Analyst to Lead Programmer Analyst.  Rob first came to Computer Services as an intern while working on his second degree, a BS in Computer Science.  He joined our applications development group in August 2003.  Since that time he has made many contributions to our user community along with the internal operations of the department. 

In his new position, Rob will be liaison for Admissions, Student Development, The Health Center and the Counseling Center.  Congratulations, Rob!

If you have a question for Computer and Telecommunication Services about:

Computer Problems or Related Issues - Call the Information Technology Help Desk at 436-4567

Telephone Service or Problems - Call the Office of Telecommunications at 436-2577

Directory Assistance - call 436-3500