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December 2005

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June 2005

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New Webserver Hardware
New Voicemail Systems
The Voice of Meridian Mail
Wireless Network ID changed
Alternative Input Devices

Reggie Searles Retiring
PayPal Phishing
Telecomm upgrading network switches
Temporary Greetings and Out-Of-Office


November 2005

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May 2005

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Campus Upgrades Internet Connection
What our staff is up to - Deb Landry
Outlook Tips - Email Options Settings
Mail Merging Documentation
Voicemail - Operator Assistance

Voice over IP
Anti Spam
Firewalling the campus network
MarketScore - a problem download
What our staff is up to - Andy Martin


October 2005

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April 2005

Email listservs for faculty-student communication
Outlook tips - message options
Google Tips
Social Engineering
Voicemail shortcuts - deferred delivery


September 2005

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March 2005

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Wireless Networking in Residence Halls
Smooth start to fall semester
Outlook Mail Archiving
Voicemail shortcuts - callback and rewind

New Website to track summer construction
Telecomm to upgrade campus network
Wireless networking requires password
New Calendar dates available
What our staff is up to - Shelly LaPolt


August 2005

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February 2005

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New Server Room comes online
About the Information Technology Help Desk
Technology Training
A New Calendar file for Outlook
Email Spoofing
Personal Call Policy

Password Security
Quick Source Guides
Email Down for Service 2/23
They're phishing - don't get hooked!
What our staff is up to


July 2005

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January 2005

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Text-Only for the website
Changes in the Computer Center
Information Security - BotNets
Wireless Networking in Residence Halls
Cell Phones and Driving

Personal Call Policy
What our staff is up to - Walter Romero
Firewall Implementation
CGP gets more bandwidth
IT Orientation for new employees (or for those who become disoriented)
Changes at Computer Services

December 2004

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June 2004

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Changes to the Microsoft Campus Agreement
Testing Wireless Network Security
Phone System Interruption January 4th
Proliferating Pointing Paraphernalia
About Virtual Private Networks
Help Desk Hours
Banner Passwords

CATPrints goes online-only
The Virtual Campus
What our staff is up to - Telecom
Email Broadcast Policy
College Virtual Tour
Hardware for the Blind
Outlook Tips - Graphic Signatures
A discussion of non-legitimate email


November 2004

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May 2004

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Wireless Network Interference
Change those Banner Passwords
Sophos Antivirus Automatic Updates
Pre-enrollment troubles
Secure Desktop Screensavers

The limited lifetime of Compact Discs
Call Routing
Technology Service and Support
Continuing Anti-spam efforts
Outlook Tips - the Task Feature


October 2004

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April 2004

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Identity Theft
Tell the Call Center about upcoming events!
What Karl Lehenbaur is up to
Find yourself at NameConnector
Aerial Imagery
Changes in Computer Services

RoadRunner Discounts
Mail tips - Deferred Delivery, Message Expiry and Delegated Response
Temporary Voicemail Greetings
Bill Gates Predicts...
Out of Office Assistant


September 2004

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March 2004

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Record call volume at the Call Center
Exchange Mail Update
Viewing Outlook Calendars side-by-side
Outlook Web Access - new look & feel
What Nathan Hall is up to

Collected Equipment for Recycling
Bogus email messages
Computer Home Security Checklist
Use of Campus Information Technology
Outlook Main Tips - Account Quota


August 2004


February 2004

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The Bulletin Online
Cellphone Recycling
Call Center Operational
Firewalls for home computers


July 2004

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January 2004

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Disaster Preparedness
Forwarding Voicemail
What Rick Serafin is up to
New Employee Information - Information Technology
Customizing your desktop icons
Global Address Lists

New Tools for Outlook Web Access
Live from Mars
USB Compact Storage Devices
Personal Phone Use Policy
Information Security - Disposal of Data and Hardware

December 2003

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June 2003


Road Runner Discounts


Storing and Sending Sensitive Information


Dealing with spies and popups.


November 2003

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May 2003

Full Issue: PDF - DOC - WEB

Online Payments

Password Changes

Cell Phone Number Portability

Road Runner Discounts

False email notifications

Website traffic statistics

Information Security

Importing holiday files into Outlook


October 2003

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April 2003

Full Issue: PDF - DOC - WEB

Free software

Email Migration Completed

Download holiday files

Wireless Phone Technology

Denial-of-service attacks

Cell Phones Turn 30

Antivirus Software

Newly Revised Websites


Using Rules to Filter Junk Mail


September 2003

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March 2003

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

Internet Worms Attack!

Voice Mail Broadcasts

Personal Use of College Phones

Newly Revised and ADA compliant websites

Meridian Voice Mail Tips

Outlook inaccessible from off-campus

Phone Tips - Forwarding messages and Operator Assistance Number

Look Down on your Neighbors


Autoarchiving your mail


Computer Frustrations and Firearms


August 2003

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February 2003

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

Telecom improving infrastructure

Setting up additional calendars

Projection technologies

Mail migration nearing completion

Changes at Computer Services

Battling Bugs

New Tech Support Website

Recovering Stolen Computers

New Call Center Opens

Secure Desktop Policy

Outlook Tips - it's also a browser



July 2003

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January 2003

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

Inside the Computer

Handling Junk Mail with filters

Telecommunications Upgrades Hardware

Encrypting Email

Re-register your Computer

Backing up your files

Progress in the fight against Junk Mail

More changes at Computer Services

December 2002

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June 2002

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

Sending Invitations to a Meeting

Discounted Cellular Service

Making quick responses to Voicemails

Your webpages and the search engine

Changes in Computer Services

The College Website's New Look

Computer Security - What to do

Outlook Mail - Rules


November 2002

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

May 2002

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

Voice Mail Broadcasts

Multiple Monitors

Distinct Ringing Phones

Moving to the New Email System

Retrieving Deleted Mail

Laptop Docking Stations

Email Message Options

Out-of-office email assistant

Clean Mice

Cable Internet Access

The Coldest Place on Earth



October 2002

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

April 2002

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

More Details on Road Runner Discounts

Weather Forecasts

October Upgrades

Mouse Alternatives

Phone Tricks

Email with overlapping text

Outlook - Using Calendar

Current status of Email Migration

Outlook - Deleting Old Mail



September 2002

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March 2002

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

Discounted RoadRunner Access

Campus Events Calendar

Express Voice Messaging

Voicemail Distribution Lists

Computer Games Turn 40

Email Migration and Training Plan

College Bulletin Online


Outlook Mail - Address Books



August 2002

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February 2002

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

Improving your Cell Phone Reception

New Search Engine

Laws concerning Junk Faxes

Putting your Publication Online

Lawn Mower Cam

Email Update

Personal Use of College Phones

Text-Only Webpages

New College Webserver

Conflicting IP Addresses


July 2002

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

January 2002

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

Battling Spam

Virus Hoaxes

Temporary Voicemail Greetings

Wireless Networking

Changes at Computer Services

Bulletin Online

Outlook Mail - Public Folders

Website Accessibility


Buying New Technology

December 2001

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June 2001

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

Network Upgrade During Break

Campus Reaches Software Agreement

Web Statistics

Are my email messages really getting deleted?

The WeatherCam

Outlook Calendar

How to connect to a network share from off campus

Powerpoint Boredom

Change those Passwords!



November 2001

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

May 2001

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

Progress on our new email system

Electronic Mail - Plans for the Future

Voicemail - distribution lists

When was that email really sent?

Windows XP now available

Moving the website to a new home

Translating text

Vannevar Bush - Visionary

Test Scoring services

Handsfree headsets


October 2001

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April 2001

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

Phone problems?

Ada Lovelace - Computer Pioneer

Voicemail tricks

Voicemail Impatience

The Telephone Personality

Help Desk Protocol

Drive Mapping

Recent Email Troubles

Junk Email

Recognizing Viruses


September 2001

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March 2001

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

Get the new virus scanner for your computer

Renting cell phones

Internal vs. External Voicemail Greetings

Even more about the Microsoft Campus Agreement

Hidden Computer Art

Urban Legends

Personal Use of College Telephones


Documents now available online

Learning more about Netscape Mail


August 2001

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

February 2001

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

Microsoft Outlook and Exchange

The TRADIC computer

Won't you be my Network Neighbor


Thoughts on the Lifetime of Digital Documents

Internet Phone Directories

Managing RCM

Email Viruses

Quoting a message in a reply

More about the Microsoft Campus Agreement




July 2001

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

January 2001

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

Email Filters

New Help Desk Number

Virus Definitions

Inoculate your computer

Junk Email

Express messaging

The New Microsoft Campus Agreement

Cell Phone Safety


Mail address books

December 2000

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

June 2000

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

Viruses strike again!

New pages under construction

Voicemail distribution lists

Dealing with hostile callers

Signature files for email

Mouse inventor

Positive self-talk

Online directory


Keep up the enthusiasm


November 2000

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

May 2000

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

Voice mail broadcasts

The Jacquard Loom and digital storage

FrontPage training

Phone beeps and call timers

The beginnings of the Internet

Dealing with confrontation

Email filtering

Organizing your email


October 2000

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

April 2000

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

Email autoresponse

Distinct ringing phones in a busy office

Clear Communications

Downloading software

Kenbek-1 computer

The inside of a hard drive

Web developers' resource pages

Cool links

Verbal abuse

Email attachments

Keeping your mouse clean

Adjusting the contrast on a phone display


September 2000

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

March 2000

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

Conference phones

The Compact Disk

Temporary voicemail greetings

Turn down the phone volume!

Customer service basics

Cool links

Cleaning your computer

Email return receipts


August 2000

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

February 2000


Floppy disks


Voicemail personal verification


Planning your telephone calls


About Adobe Acrobat Reader


July 2000

Full Issue: PDF - DOC

January 2000


Securing your voicemail


The Altair 8800 personal computer


Updating the phone directory




Lessons in Listening