Personal Calls on your College-Provided Cell Phone


As per our college policy regarding personal use of college provided cellular phones, which can be viewed at, Telecommunications will send the complete detail of cellular usage to each user and copy the account manager.  The employee is responsible for reviewing this detail, self-identifying personal calls and reimbursing the College within 30 days of receiving the bill via the procedure below.  For Verizon Wireless customers, the bill containing your cellular call detail will be delivered to your e-mail account.  Cellular One customers will receive their bill via inter campus mail.

The following reimbursement procedure has been developed to assist you in complying with both the IRS and our campus personal call policy

  1. Make a copy of the pages of your cellular bill that contain personal calls.
  2. Identify your personal calls by highlighting and/or marking them.
  3. Calculate the cost of your personal calls as outlined below.
  4. Return the highlighted copy to the Telecom Office, Netzer 236 with a check made payable to SUNY Telecom.

For many of its cell phones the College subscribes to calling plans which provide an allowance of minutes per month for a flat fee, with an additional charge per minute for calls exceeding the monthly allowance. The average cost for all cell phone calls under these plans is currently 8.4¢/minute.   Consequently, all personal calls, including evening and weekend calls and calls within the monthly plan allowance, should be reimbursed at the rate of 8.4 cents per minute. 

On cellular plans where the costs of calls are itemized on the bill, you are responsible for reimbursing the College the itemized cost of each personal call. 

The Telecommunications Department will apply your payment for personal calls and issue a credit to your department. 

Please call me at extension 2577 with any questions or concerns.


A full statement of the College’s telephone policy can be viewed at