Directory Update Instructions




Get Started

  1. Log into Banner - Click Here

  1. Type in the form name ZPADRCH.  Your user name will be filled in for you.  Double click in the Dept. Code field to select a department to view / update.
  • If you do not have access to ZPADRCH, have Department Chair or Director send an e-mail to requesting update access.
  • If you do not have access to a particular department code, have Department Chair or Director send an e-mail to requesting access.


  1. Press [Ctrl] [Page Down] to view your department directory records.


    1. Use your arrow keys to scroll through all the records in your department. 

    1. The records are in the same order as the online directory.

      o       First record: Department Listing

      o       Second record: Department Chair or Director

      o       All remaining records: Alphabetical Order

    1. The “Name” field is the official name in Banner.  The “Directory Name” field is used to override the official Banner name when a different name is desired for directory purposes.

Adding a New Employee

  • New employee records cannot be added via ZPADRCH.

  • Contact Human Resources to add an employee record to the database.

    • Once a signed APP form has been received by HR, the employee is entered into Banner.  You can then check the directory information via ZPADRCH and make any changes.


Make Changes to Directory Records

  1. Highlight the record that you wish to change.
  2. Press [Ctrl] [Page Down] again to make changes to the highlighted record.


    1. Type in only the information that needs to be updated to the record highlighted. When all changes have been entered, click the Save button or click File / Save from the menu bar at the top of the Banner window. The “Change Status” field will change to “Pending” when a successful submission for a directory change request has occurred.
    2. When making a change in the “New Directory Name” fields, the Last and First fields must be fully entered. Only the “Middle Name” field is optional.
    3. Valid codes for the “Listed in Directory” field: Y = Yes, list in directory or N = No, do not list in directory
    4. You may double click in the 2nd field of the “New Directory Address” area for a pop-up selection of building names and codes.
    5. Press [Ctrl] [Page UP] to return to the previous block, allowing for continued viewing of your department directory records.  Remember to save any changes to the highlighted record before returning to the previous block.
    6. Telecommunications will be notified that changes have been submitted. Changes will be reflectedin the directory one hour after we have reveiwed ans approved the changes.


Preview Directory and Pending Changes

  1. Select the department (Dept. Code) you wish to preview.

  2. Click on Options and select Preview Directory



  • The records are in the same order as the on-line directory.
  • Current Directory Information displayswhat is currently included in the online directory.
  • Pending Directory Changes displays the changes you have submitted. Once they have been processed by the Telecom office, they will be live in the online directory.
  • Use your arrow keys to scroll through the records in this report.
  1. To download this report into Microsoft Excel, Click on Help and select Extract Data with Key
  • Choose Save and then choose save again - Remember the location on your computer where you save the file!
  • Open the file you saved to your computer (It will open in Microsoft Excel)