TV Setup Guide


Selecting a TV

Your TV needs a Clear QAM tuner to connect to the campus cable system. This list is not comprehensive. Check the specifications at the manufacturer's site to verify compatibility.

Compatible     Not Compatible - Requires a Converter
Brand Model Brand Model
Dynex DX-50D510NA15 Apex LD3288T
Dynex DX-24E310NA15 Element Most models
Insignia NS-28DD310NA15 Emerson Most models
Insignia NS-24D510NA15 Philips
Most models
Insignia NS-24ED310NA15 **RCA LED24G45RQ
Insignia NS-19E310NA15 **RCA LED32G30RQD
Insignia NS-40D510NA15 **RCA LED40C45RQ
Insignia NS-65D550NA15 **RCA LED40HG45RQ
LG Most models after 2007 **RCA LED55C55R120Q
Samsung Most models since 2009 Seiki SE24FT01 
SONY Most models after 2007 Sylvania Most models
Toshiba Most models after 2007 Vizio M260VA
VIZIO Most very recent models

To set up your TV:

  • Each bedroom and common room has 1 cable jack.
  • Connect the coax cable to the jack on the wall and the TV.
  • Plug in and power on the TV.
  • Use the remote to enter setup. Consult the manual for specifics
  • Select "Cable" as the input mode.
  • Scan and autosave channels.
  • If you don't have the original remote, the manual should include directions to do these steps with the controls on the TV.

To Set up a TV with a Converter Box

  • You will need:
    • Converter with a Clear QAM tuner. Here are some examples that can be purchased online:
      • iView 3500STBII
      • iview IVIEW-3200STB
      • ChannelMaster CM-7001
      • Uniqie Imports Mini Digital Television Converter Box - This is the only model that works with RCA TVs.
    • 2 coax cables
  • Connect the converter to the cable jack in your room.
  • Connect the converter to the TV with the second coax cable. (If you use the cable included with the converter or an HDMI cable, you will not be able to tune in HBO, ShowTime and other analog channels.)
  • Follow the directions with your converter to autoscan and save the channels. Make sure the input mode is "cable."
  • Turn of the converter and use your TV remote to autoscan and save the analog channels - HBO, ShowTime, The Wire and Public Access.
  • To view the analog channels (HBO, SHO, etc.), turn off the converter box and use the TV remote to tune in the channels. Tune your TV to channel 3 or 4 and turn the converter back on to view the rest of the lineup.