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Student Phone Services*


Basic telephone service, local calls and voice mail are provided in each bedroom at no extra cost to the student. Students should provide their own telephone. 2.4 GHz phones are not allowed in the residence halls as they interfere with WiFi signal.

Voice Mail

For a complete list of voicemail commands, click here.

To Log On To Your Mailbox
Dial 2222
Enter your four digit mailbox number followed by #.
Enter your password followed by #.
The first time password is 1 + your mailbox number.
Press 83 to log off before hanging up.

To play messages:
Log onto your mailbox.
Press 2 to play a message.
Press 76 to to delete that message.
Press 2 to play the next message, etc.
Press 83 to log off when you are done.

Student Calling Rates

Phone service includes unlimited long distance service within the continental United States. Each student can apply with the Office of Telecommunications for an Authorization Code to make long distance calls overseas, resulting in a personal phone bill.

Click here for more information on calling rates.

*These services are available to Students living on-campus who have a room assignment through the Residence Life & Housing Office and who have paid their housing fee.