What to do with my account


“Okay, I have my user account…what’s next?”

Once your account is created, here’s what you can do!

  1. Access myOneonta
    Once logged in with your username/password (just your username, not your whole email address!), you will have instant access to your Oneonta email, Angel, Webservices, and more, without logging in again. Your Oneonta email address will be username@suny.oneonta.edu (example: joestv89@suny.oneonta.edu). All official college business will be sent to this account.
  2. Access computer labs
    Your user account (same username and password) also allows you to log into computers in the general purpose computer labs.
  3. Save files to our secure servers
    When your account is created, two drives are also created for you:
    1. Your W:\ drive web folder is a space for you to create web pages on our web server. Your unique website address is http://students.oneonta.edu/username.
    2. Your P:\ drive should be used to store your coursework and important files on our server. When you log into a computer in the general purpose computer labs, the drives for your W:\drive and for your P:\ drive will appear under My Computer. You can access your P:\ drive from off campus or in your residence hall room by following the instructions here. When prompted for a username and password, make sure you put in oneonta\username and then your password.
  4. Log into Angel
    Note: student enrollments are added to Angel approximately 1 week before classes begin, so you may not be able to access Angel if you have recently created your user account. Also, some instructors may not activate their courses in Angel until the first day of classes. If the class you registered for does not show up in your Angel account, and the class uses Angel, you should contact your instructor.


  • Once your user account is created, your password will expire in 180 days (6 months). Check to see if your password has expired here.
  • To change your password, log into myOneonta and click "Change Password" on the left side of any page.
  • If you forget your password, go to myOneonta and click "Forgot Password."