SUNY Oneonta

Connecting to Red Dragon WiFi ON A MAC


This article will guide you through the process of connecting to Red Dragon WiFi on a Mac.
1. On the menu bar located on the top of your desktop, locate the AirPort icon on the right side.

2. Now click on the icon and select Red Dragon WiFi from the list of networks. In this particular example there is only one network, Red Dragon WiFi.

3. If you don't see any networks, make sure your AirPort is turned on. In the example above notice that the AirPort is on and Red Dragon WiFi is checked.

Note** If your Mac has never connected to the Red Dragon Wifi network, then it will show this network as displayed below:

Screenshot of a user connecting to the Red Dragon Secure Wifi on a Mac

1. Click the Wifi icon in the Mac bar at the top of the screen.

2. Select the active network

After this, your Mac should automatically connect to Red Dragon Wifi.


If you are having any problems please call the ITS Help Desk at x4567