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What is ANGEL?

The latest version of ANGEL (8.0) offers new enhancements but, from an upgrade perspective, the move will require very little change management. Go to the Angel Learning Website.

ANGEL 8.0 highlights:

  • Certification for Chrome and Safari.
  • Batch export functionality allows for more seamless content conversion.
  • Improvements to assessment navigation, discussion forums, the gradebook and more.

Lear more about Blacboards Learn ANGEL Edition here.

Documentation and How-To Guides

Documentation For ANGEL 7.4(Can be used for ANGEL 8.0 in most cases)

ANGEL 7.4 Instructor's Reference Manual

ANGEL 7.4 Student Quickstart Guide

ANGEL HTML Editor Reference Guide

ANGEL System Check

Description of ANGEL Page Components

Editing the ANGEL Roster

How to Access Hidden Courses in ANGEL

How to Edit the ANGEL Courses Nugget

How to Send E-mail in ANGEL

How to Grade Discussion Forums in ANGEL

How Students View Their Grades In ANGEL - Movie

How Students View Their Grades In ANGEL - PDF

How the Grades Nugget works in ANGEL

Using the ANGEL Grade Book

How to Connect Your ANGEL Courses to Your LOR

Navigating Through ANGEL Discussion Forum Posts

Moving, Rearranging, and Copying Course Content

Links To Content already in an ANGEL Course

Adding External Links in an ANGEL Course

Adding Content in the Lessons are of your ANGEL Course

Accessing and using the ANGEL Rubric Manager

Copying Content from Course to Course

Timed Content Release in your ANGEL Course

How to Link or Copy Content from your LOR to your ANGEL Course

Exporting your ANGEL Course

Importing your Saved (exported) ANGEL Course

Backing up your ANGEL Course

Using the Roster Sync Tool to "Merge" Courses

Grading Drop Boxes in ANGEL

Configuring Discussion Forum Scoring Rubrics

Creating Grade Reports

Creating an Image Gallery in the Lessons Area

Create a Rubric

Grade Drop Box Assignments Using a Rubric

Using the Google Media Tools

Working with Teams in ANGEL

Working with the Attendance Manager in ANGEL

Using the Offline Grading Utility

Using ANGEL's Live Chat

How to Send Announcements in ANGEL

How to Hide or Show Courses in ANGEL

Copying Library Reserves from Term to Term


ANGEL 8 Documentation and How-To Guides


ANGEL8 Instructor's Reference Manual

ANGEL 8 Student Quickstart Guide

ANGEL 8 HTML Editor Reference Guide

ANGEL8 Instructor's Quickstart Guide

Description of ANGEL Page Components

ANGEL8 Browser Compatibility Guide

What's New in ANGEL 8

Blackboard Mobile Learn

ANGEL FAQ - Android Devices

ANGEL FAQ - Blackberry Devices

ANGEL FAQ - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Devices

ANGEL - BB Mobile Learn Handout for Faculty

Blackboard Mobile Learn Feature Guide by Device


Blackboard Mobile Learn Resources