This program is Contingent upon Funding

Purpose: The mission of the Faculty Computer Purchase Program is to provide up-to-date computers for faculty.

1. Faculty who received a new computer within the last three years will not be eligible unless extraordinary needs can be demonstrated. Priority is given to faculty with outdated systems, whose computers are clearly no longer adequate to the tasks they are expected to perform. Faculty may decline or postpone their acceptance of a new computer without forfeiting their eligibility status.

Faculty will surrender their old machine after data has been transferred to the new machine.

2. If a standard computer is requested, faculty can simply choose one of the four recommended configurations (click here to view the current models) and email their choice to Steven Maniscalco at Steve.Maniscalco@oneonta.edu .

3. A few faculty may have needs beyond a standard machine. If so, please provide a detailed justification. Approximate costs of adding items to the basic configuration should be determined and included. See Application Process for a Non-Standard FCPP Computer below.

4. Inkjet printers and personal laser printers will not be considered for funding through this program.

5. Full-time and tenure track or tenured faculty have priority in allocating new computers under this program. Others with special needs will be considered.

The Educational Technology Committee will review submitted proposals and make recommendations to the Chief Information Officer, who will then make the final decisions. Computers will be delivered as arranged with the recipient.

To apply for computers or peripherals different than the STANDARD COMPUTER, SUBMIT A PROPOSAL WITH THE INFORMATION BELOW TO: Steven Maniscalco via email at Steve.Maniscalco@oneonta.edu.