Goals and Objectives of ITS


As a large organization with multiple responsibilities to the college, IT services has organized our objectives into four large thematic areas related to support, infrastructure, relationships and working environment. The four goals directly relate to our mission of excellence in service and our values of integrity, competence and collaboration.

  1. Provide exceptional support for technology users at the college.

    As the name implies and mission statement reinforces, the core purpose of IT Services is to provide exceptional service to all members of the college community.
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  2. Create and support a robust IT environment for the college.

    As important as the service to the college is the infrastructure used to provide IT. From the networks to large application servers, SUNY Oneonta is increasingly relying on IT, and it is our responsibility to keep the systems, networks and software applications running smoothly.
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  3. Create and enhance IT partnerships that are beneficial to the college.

    IT relies on partnerships with the faculty, staff and students of the college to ensure that IT operations meet their computing needs. Coupling our technology expertise with the domain and use expertiese of our client groups allows us to effectively plan and develop IT services.
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  4. Provide for a positive, collaborative and progressive IT work environment.

    As the pace of IT development continues to accelerate, we need to continuously reinvest in staff development. The deployment of new products, shifting priorities and new opportunities combined with the 24x7 nature of IT operations can cause significant stress and anxiety, which IT Services will work to minimize.
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