CIO office

Learn more about the CIO OfficeThe Chief Information Officer is responsible for campus IT. The CIO focuses on administering overall planning, development, coordination and implementation on all IT resources on campus. Working closely with the students, faculty, staff and administrators the CIO develops programs to address campus IT needs. View staff


Customer Support

Enter the customer support websiteThe customer support area is responsible for end-user support. It includes the service desk, desktop support, classroom technology support and training activities such as the TIPS program. View staff


Applications and Servers

Learn more about applications and serversThe applications and servers area is responsible for our large-scale applications frameworks such as the Banner and Angel along with the data centers in which these applications are deployed. The area is responsible for managing these large infrastructure systems and maintaining the high end-user responsiveness, system stability and ease of use for all of the applications. This area is responsible for all back-room hardware including the equipment in both data centers. Furthermore, the area is also responsible computer imaging services. View staff


Networking and Telecom

Learn more about networking and telecomWe provide reliable and high capacity data and voice service, while managing network access and security controls. We support academic, administrative and recreational network usage for many thousands of devices, and we work closely with the rest of IT to deliver high-quality service in a challenging environment. View staff



Learn more about the Teaching, Learning, and Technology CenterThe mission of the Teaching, Learning, & Technology Center is to inspire, encourage, and support faculty who are integrating technology into their teaching in order to make learning more dynamic for our students. The Center serves as a catalyst for collegial exchange about innovative uses of technology in education. We strive to have appropriate support for faculty so they're in the position to do their best work.