SUNY Oneonta

Forwarding voicemail to e-mail


This service is available to employees only.

Configuration Instructions - My CallPilot Voicemail Web Access

For additional help following these instructions, contact Telecommunications at extension 2577

  1. You must first contact Telecommunications and inform us that you intend to use these features as your voicemail account needs to have permission enabled to access the services below.Click here to inform Telecommunications that you intend to use this feature and that we should allow forwarding.

  2. Go to
    (If you see the warning “Pop‐up blocked” above the My CallPilot screen, click on the warning and choose to always allow pop‐ups from “”)

  3. Log into CallPilot:
    Mailbox: Your voicemail mailbox number
    Password: Your voicemail mailbox password
    (You may close any pop-up window stating that “You're missing the CallPilot Audio Player”)

  4. CallPilot Features Tab

  5. Message Forwarding Rule
    Message Forwarding
  6. Click "Configure Rule" Button
    1. Message to forward: “Voice Messages”
    2. Forward to: “your e‐mail address”
    3. Mark original message as read (turn off red light on phone)
    4. Suggest when “Opened by the recipient”
    5. Covert voice message to: “WAV”
    6. Click “Save”

      Configure New Message Forwarding Rule

Our CallPilot voicemail system will now send a copy of all newly received voicemail messages to your e‐mail account in .wav format.


Message Notification - SMS Text Message sent to your cell phone

  1. On the CallPilot Features tab, click "Configure Rule" Button
  2. Current Status: “On”
  3. Device Service: “Email over SMTP”
  4. E-Mail address: Depends on your cellular provider.
    Below are a few providers that we are familiar with, however, you may have to call your cellular provider to ascertain the proper text address.
    • Verizon: [your phone number]
    • AT&T: [your phone number]
    • T-Mobile:[your phone number]
    • Sprint: [your phone number]
    • Nextel: [your phone number]
    • Cingular: [your phone number]
  5. "Check" This Device Supports Unicode
  6. Notify for: "All Messages"
  7. Click “Save”

Our CallPilot voicemail system will now send an SMS text message to your cellphone witht the caller ID of any newly received voicemail messages


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