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Using SyncToy to backup your data


This article shows you how to setup Microsoft SyncToy to help you backup your stuff

Installing the Software Microsoft suggests that customers install all critical and recommended Windows Updates prior to installing SyncToy.

Windows Updates can be found at Minimum requirements for installing SyncToy are:

  • Microsoft Windows XP SP2
  • Microsoft .NET Frameworks V1.1
  • 1GHz Intel P3 processor or equivalent
  • 256MB RAM, 512MB RAM recommended
  • 20MB free disk space

After installing, locate the SyncToy icon in your Start Menu and launch the program. A Welcome to SyncToy screen will start you on your way.

Press the "Create New Folder Pair" button.

Select your source and destination folder for syncronizing. The left folder in your source folder and most likely is located in your "My Documents" folder. The Right Folder is the destination of your syncronization and can be located on your p drive, a removable hard drive, or USB drive.

This setup allows you to setup the syncronization options for your backup. For information on the different options click More information. If you don't know what to choose just leave it on Synchronize.

Name your backup so that you can keep track of it.

When you are finished you will see a summary of your backup. Click Run to start.

To list all your Folder Pairs select the "All Folder Pairs" option on the left

If you have questions about the software just choose SyncToy Help from the help menu.