SUNY Oneonta

Using MindTerm as an FTP to SFTP Bridge


MindTerm is an program that you can use to make your older programs that only support insecure ftp use a secure connection protocol.

Download MindTerm from our website.

Unzip the download and double click the mindterm.jar

The SSH Server/Alias is

These next 3 screens only appear the first time you run MindTerm and connect to the server.
Press Enter at this prompt

Press Yes Press Yes.

These Confirmationwindows inform you that it has saved the connection settings.
You will only see these the first time you connect.

At the login screen type your oneonta username and password

You will get an system message, click OK

Connecting is uneventful.

Choose the FTP To SFTP Bridge option from the Plugins menu

Check the Windows checkbox and click the enable button

Click Dismiss to close the window

Changing the settings in your insecure application varies from program to program, but the general idea is simple. In this example I have changed the site definition in Dreamweaver 4 so that the FTP host is now set to localhost. Have a program that can only connect via FTP, just set the FTP host to localhost and MindTerm will bridge the gap.
Changing the FTP Host to localhost requires that MindTerm be running before you can connect via your program so make sure you have started MindTerm before youconnect.