SUNY Oneonta

Setting up Outlook Express 6.0 to Read E-Mail Via IMAP


Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0 is a popular email program on many machines. Outlook Express 6.0 has IMAP mail server support, allowing you to keep all of your mail on one server, available for access at any time. You can even save messages in folders on the server for better organization. IMAP is different from POP mailers because POP requires that you transfer the mail to your local computer from the mail server. With IMAP you never have to worry about an e-mail message existing only on your home machine, and wishing you could see that message at work.

Start Outlook Express 6.0 and select the Tools menu, then choose Accounts...

On the right side of the window that opens you will see a column of buttons. Click on the A dd Button and then choose M ail....

The following window will appear. Type your name in the D isplay name: field and click the N ext button.

In the E -mail address: field, type in your e-mail address.

When finished, click the N ext button. You should then have the following window. Fill out the fields exactly as you see below, and then click the N ext button.

The window below will now appear. The A ccount name: is your SUNY Oneonta username. Click Next.

Click Finish to close the wizard. There is one last step to complete the configuration.

You will be returned to the Internet Accounts window. Make sure that is selected. Click on Properties.

Click on the Servers tab. In the Outgoing Mail Server section check the box for My server requires authentication.

Click the Servers tab and change the outgoing SMTP to 587. Click OK.

Click Close on the Internet Accounts Window.

Your account is now set up in Outlook Express 6.0.