SUNY Oneonta

Thunderbird Setup


Setting up Thunderbird to connect to your mail via an IMAP connection.

When you first install Thunderbird you will be asked to setup an account. The screen shots below are samples from that setup process. If you have already completed the setup process but would like to add you Oneonta account to Firebird, then you can access the setup wizard by choosing File->New->Account.

This screen will give you the option to configure one ofThunderbird's account types. Choose Email account and click Next
Fill in your name and oneonta email address and click Next

Choose IMAP, and fill in the server names, then click Next

Add your Oneonta email user name to the fields and click Next

Type in a friendly name so that you can distinguish this Thunderbird account from any others that may be displayed, then click Next

A summary of the items you entered will be displayed. Review then to ensure that everything is correct, then click Finish.

If you need to make any changes click the Back button until the screen that contains the information you need changed is displayed. After clicking finish a listing of folders will be displayed.