SUNY Oneonta

Configure your Blackberry device for your Oneonta GMAIL account


Use these instructions to configure your Blackberry device to retrieve your Oneonta email.

Note: In order to setup your myOneonta email with another email client or smartphone you will have to synchronize your email password by changing or resetting your password.

You can do this online at If you are a new student or have already changed your password in the last month you do not need to do this step.

STEP 1: Login

STEP 2: Open Gmail

STEP 3: Click Settings
STEP 4: Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP

STEP 5: Enable IMAP
STEP 6: Click Save Changes

STEP 7: On the BLACKBERRY; Click the menu button.

STEP 8: Scroll down and click Setup.

STEP 9:Click Personal Email Set Up.

STEP 10: Under “Add an existing email account”, click Add.

STEP 11: Click GMAIL, and then click Next.

STEP 12: Configure the following, then click Next:

Email address: Your SUNY.ONEONTA.EDU address (e.g.
Password: Your SUNY ONEONTA Password
Finish by clicking ‘Next’

NOTE: If the above steps DO NOT work; it is recommended for students to reset their password before trying the steps 1-12 again! For other questions and concerns, please contact the Helpdesk ( or 607-436-4567.