SUNY Oneonta

Downloading and Connecting via Spark


Download the Spark client and connect to the ACS chat system.

Download and install the Spark client from the server.
Use these URLs for the latest version.

Windows | Mac OSX | Linux/Unix

Once installed use your Oneonta username and enter "" into the server field. Click the "Auto Login" check box and then click the "Advanced" button.

Click the "Use OLD SSL port method".

If you're computer is an office computer or in the Oneonta domain select the SSO tab. Check the "Use Single Sign-On (SSO) via GSSAPI" check box. Click the OK button to close the preferences window.

Now click the login button.

You should now be connected. You can search for other users using the search field at the bottom. You can also create groups to keep your contacts organized.

To change your profile go to the Spark Menu and select "Edit My Profile". Here you can set your name, office location, avatar, and other settings.

To add a contact type a name in the search box and hit the enter key to display the search results.

The "Person Search" windows will display the results of your query. Right click a result to add the person to your contacts, or select "Chat" to start instantly chatting. Of course the person must be on-line to receive your messages.

Have fun!