SUNY Oneonta

Connect to Academic Computing's Jabber Chat Service via Pandion


Instructions for connection to the chat system

Download and install Pandion from the Downloads section of the website. When you are asked to run it after the setup process completes, you will see this Login box.

Enter your Oneonta email username as above, with after it. Enter your email password in the Password field and click Login.

This screen will pop up. Click the "Change the connection settings" link. We need to add a bit more security before the server will allow logins.

Check the "Use an encrypted connection (SSL)" check box then click Ok. You should be able to connect successfully now. Initially, your Contact List will be empty. What good is a chat service if there is no one to chat with? Select "Add a contact" from the Actions menu to add an Oneonta account to your contact list. The person must authorize the addition, so be patient as it may not show up immediately.

On Windows XP with Service Pack 2 you mayrecieve a notification to block or unblock the connection, choose unblock to add the program to you local firewall settings.