To understand how deeply we care about academics, look no further than the college's mission statement. It's just one sentence long, but it speaks volumes:

SUNY Oneonta unites excellence in teaching, scholarship, civic engagement, and stewardship to create a student-centered learning community.

Our determination to provide a stimulating, rigorous environment and hands-on, high-impact learning has made Oneonta a premier school within the SUNY system. This is also why we tend to attract students and teachers who want small classes, undergraduate research opportunities, and plenty of student-faculty interaction.

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Majors & Minors

With a wide range of curriculum offerings in 24 academic departments, SUNY Oneonta appeals to students who have already found their niche — as well as those who are ready to discover it.


Graduate Programs

Building on our distinguished history as a leader in graduate education, SUNY Oneonta is a forward-thinking institution committed to providing outstanding, student-centered opportunities for higher learning.