SUNY Oneonta



2017/18 AWARDS

William Ashbaugh (History)
Interpreting the Worlds of Mobile Suit Gundam ($2,500)

Beniam Awash, Paul Macharia, Ho Hon Leung (Sociology/Poltical Science)
The Challenges of Settlement in Small Town and Rural Areas: African Immigrants in New York State ($2,000)

Richard Barberio (Political Science)
It's a Scandal: Toward a New Framework of the Meaning of Political Scandal ($2,000)

Tracy Betsinger (Anthropology)
Familial Tomb or Tomb of Victims? Bioarchaeological Analysis of Human Skeletal Remains from the Southern Levant ($2,500)

Jacqueline Bruscella (Communications)
Navigating Challenges to Humanitarian Efforts for Refugees to the US ($1,000)

Susan Goodier (History)
Louisa Matilda Jacobs: From Slavery to a Sort of Freedom ($3,000)

Brian Haley (Anthropology)
How the Counterculture Found Its Indians ($3,000)

Sallie Han (Anthropology)
The Anthropology of Clutter: Preliminary Fieldwork ($1,000)

Matthew Hendley (History)
The Hong Kong Experience with Public Housing, 1965-1997 and its Contribution to the Formation of a Separate Hong Kong Identity ($2,680)

Florian Reyda (Biology)
Two More Species in the Puzzle: Western Species of Neoechinorhynchus (Acanthocephala) ($3,000)

Karen Stewart (Communications)
Otome Video Game Project ($3,000)

Gayan Torosyan & Jacqueline Bruscella (Communications)
Public Discourse and the Rise of American Protectionism ($3,000)

Kiyoko Yokota (Biology)
Linking Otsego Lake Buoy to the SUNY Lakes Ecological Observatory Network for Regional and Global Climate Research ($3,000)

Sen Zhang (Computer Science)
Discovering Frequent Patterns from Uncertain Graphs with Constraints ($3,000)