SUNY Oneonta

Advisory Council


The Grants Development Office (GDO) and Sponsored Programs (SP) joint Advisory Council (GDO/SP Advisory Council) facilitates ongoing interchange between these administrative units and faculty to strengthen existing and future partnerships, and enhance ‘seamless’ pre- (GDO) and post- (SP) award service. The Council is charged with the following:

  • Receiving periodic updates on the activity of the two offices (e.g. grants submitted/ awarded, contracts negotiated/awarded; projects in development; sponsored programs-related procedures and policies; campus-based grant programs).
  • Supporting outreach to the academic community with respect to GDO/SP services, special events, grant funding programs, and efforts to engage more faculty participation in research/creative/scholarly activity.
  • Making recommendations regarding ad hoc committees for review of Faculty Research and Creative Activity Grant Programs, and, potentially, other campus-based grant programs.
  • Providing ongoing feedback from the perspective of the faculty regarding GDO and SP activities, policies and procedures.
  • Making recommendations concerning the relevance of institutional policies and procedures to both faculty needs and agency requirements.

Nancy Bachman (Biology) STEM
Paul Bischoff (Secondary Education) Education
Jennifer Bueche (Dietetics, M.S. Online Program) Human Ecology
Barbara Durkin (Management, Marketing & Information Systems) Economics & Business
Andrew Kahl (Theatre) Humanities/Arts
Ho Hon Leung (Sociology) Social Sciences
John Schaumloffel (Chemistry & Biochemistry) PHS Research Integrity Officer / SUNY Oneonta Scientific Misconduct Policy Officer