SUNY Oneonta

Directory of Faculty and Professional Staff

General Administration

Nancy Kleniewski, President of the College

A.B., Emmanuel College;

M.A., Ph.D., Temple University

Paul J. Adamo, Vice President for College Advancement & Executive Director, College Foundation

B.A., SUNY Oneonta;

M.A., SUNY Empire State College

Maureen P. Artale, College Registrar

B.S., SUNY Oneonta;

M.A., State University of New York, Empire College

The State University Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service, 2014-2015

Lynda D. Bassette-Farone, Director of Office of Special Programs

B.A., Hartwick College;

M.A., State University of New York at Albany

The State University Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service, 2010-2011

Amy L. Benedict, Director of Career Development and Student Employment

B.A., Elmira College; M.A., Boston College; Ed.D., University of Pennsylvania

Mary Lynn Bensen, Head of Reference and Instruction, Library

B.A., Rockford College; M.A. in L.S., Rosary College;

M.A., SUNY Oneonta;

Ph.D., State University of New York at Binghamton

The State University Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Librarianship, 2005-2006

Lesley A. Bidwell, Director, ITS Networking and Telecommunications

B.A., SUNY Oneonta

Philip S. Bidwell, IT Specialist, Facilities

B.S., M.S., SUNY Oneonta

Ellen M. Blaisdell, Director of Gift Planning

B.A., Tufts University

Jan Bowers, Dean, School of Education and Human Ecology

B.S., M.S., Central Washington University; Ph.D., Kansas State University

Colleen E. Brannan, Senior Assistant to the President

B.S., M.S.Ed., SUNY Oneonta

Karen A. Brown, Director of Admissions,

The State University Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service, 2006-2007

B.S., SUNY Oneonta;

M.A., New York University

Daniel Chambers, Chief, University Police

B.S. Elmira College

Franklin Chambers, Vice President for Student Development

B.A., California State;

Med., PhD., Howard University

Susan S. Clemons, Controller

B.A., SUNY Oneonta

Linda M. Drake, Director of the Center for Social Responsibility and Community

B.S., SUNY Oneonta

Graig Eichler, Assistant Director, Business Services

B.S., SUNY College at Cortland; M.A., Western Kentucky University

Melissa Fallon-Korb, Director, Counseling and Health Center

B.A., Livingston College, Rutgers University;

M.A., Ed.M.,Teachers College, Columbia University;

Ph.D., State University of New York at Albany

Todd D. Foreman, Vice President for Finance and Administration

A.A.S., Mohawk Valley Community College;

B.S., M.S., SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome

Alison Fugit, Director, CADE

B.A., M.A., SUNY New Paltz

David W. Geasey, Director of Creative Media Services

A.A.S., SUNY College at Alfred;

B.A., University of Northern Colorado

Marita Gilbert, Director, Gender & Sexuality Resource Center

B.A., Auburn University;

M.A., PhD., Michigan State University

Clyde W. Goodhue, Director of Financial Aid

B.S., Syracuse University;

M.B.A., Sage Graduate School

Monica C. Grau, Director of New Student Services

B.S., SUNY Oneonta;

M.A., New York University

James B. Greenberg, Director, ITS Teaching, Learning & Technology Center

B.A., SUNY Oneonta

William G. Harcleroad, Director of Campus Activities

B.A., M.S.Ed., University of Rochester

Timothy Hayes, Senior Advancement Officer, College Advancement

A.B., Bowdoin College

M.A., SUNY Empire State College

Kevin Jensen, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services

B.A., M.B.A., Northwest Nazarene University

Karlis Kaugars, Chief Information Officer

B.A., Kalamazoo College; M.S., Ph.D., New Mexico State University

Christine L. Krueger, Payroll Manager

B.S., Keuka College

Vernon Larson, Director, International Education

B.A. Gordon College; M.A., Michigan State University; Ph.D. Kansas State University

Hal Legg, Executive Director of Communications

B.A., SUNY Geneseo; M.P.A. SUNY Brockport

Craig J. Levins, Director, Students with Disabilities

B.A., Elmira College;

M.A., Antioch New England Graduate School

Laura M. Lincoln, Director of Alumni Engagement

B.A., M.S., Syracuse University

Diane Loveland, Director, Foundation Finance

B.A., SUNY Oneonta

Michele E. Luettger, Director of Residential Community Life

B.S., SUNY College at Geneseo;

M.S., State University of New York at Albany

James Mackin, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

B.S., M.S., University of Michigan; PhD., University of Chicago

Steven J. Maniscalco, Director, ITS Customer Support

B.S., SUNY Oneonta

Eileen M. McClafferty, Director of Academic Advisement

The State University Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service, 2002-2003

B.A., University of Notre Dame;

M.P.A., State University of New York at Albany

Deborah L. McClenon, Director, ITS Servers & Applications

A.S., SUNY College at Delhi;

B.S. SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome

Kathleen L. Meeker, Director, Grants Development Office

B.A., SUNY Oneonta

Patrick Mente, Director of Graduate Studies

B.S., Mansfield University; M.S., SUNY Binghamton

Lisa Miller, Communications Specialist

B.A., Tufts University

Terrence Mitchell, Chief Diversity Officer

BA, Med, University of Central Oklahoma

Eileen Morgan-Zayachek, Associate Provost for Academic Programs

B.A., Colgate University; M.A., PhD., Indiana University

Charles O'Bryan, Director of Libraries

B.S. Brigham Young University, M.S., Southern Connecticut State University; M.L.S. SUNY Albany

Rebecca A. Porter-O’Donnell, College Accountant

A.A.S., SUNY College at Cobleskill; B.S., SUNY Oneonta

Tracey M. Ranieri, Director of Athletics;

The State University Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in

Professional Service, 2003-2004

B.S., Ithaca College; B.S., Binghamton University; M.S., East Stroudsburg University

Thomas M. Rathbone, Associate Vice President for Facilities

The State University Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service, 2007-2008

B.S., U.S. Naval Academy

Joao Sedycias, Dean, School of Arts & Humanities

BA, MA, PhD, SUNY Buffalo

Venkat Sharma, Dean, School of Natural & Mathematical Sciences

B.S., M.S., Sri Venkateswara University; Ph.D., University of Madras, India

Gretchen S. Sorin, Director, The Cooperstown Graduate Program; Professor; SUNY Distinguished Service Professor

B.A., Douglass College, Rutgers University;

M.A., SUNY Oneonta

Ph.D., State University of New York at Albany

Denise A. Straut, Director, Business Affairs, Sponsored Programs Administration

A.A., Edison Community College;

B.S., SUNY Oneonta;

M.B.A., State University of New York at Binghamton

Michele W. Thibault, Director of Continuing Education and Summer Session

B.A., SUNY College at Oswego; M.S., SUNY College at Buffalo

Robert R. Thibault, Director of Student Activities/Student Union

B.S., Western Michigan University;

M.S., Indiana State University

Terri L. Thomas, Manager, Procurement & Travel

B.S., University of Redlands

Wade Thomas, Associate Provost, Institutional Assessment

B.A., University of Pittsburgh; M.S., Pittsburgh State University

PhD., University of Nebraska

Faith Tieman, Director, Center for Multicultural Experience

B.A., Hartwick College; M.B.A., SUNY Empire State

Elizabeth M. Tirado, Director, Business Services

B.A., Hartwick College

The State University Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service, 2013-14

Susan Turell, Dean, School of Social Science

B.A., University of Texas at Austin; M.Ed., Ph.D., University of Houston

Barry P. Warren, Associate Vice President for College Advancement

B.A., The Catholic University of America;

M.A., Columbia University;

Ph.D., University of Connecticut

Kathleen Webster, Assistant to the President

B.S., SUNY Oneonta

Lisa M. Wenck, Senior Executive Employee Services Officer

A.A.S., Herkimer County Community College;

B.S., SUNY Oneonta

David Yen, Dean, Economics and Business

B.S., M.B.A., Central State University; Ph.D University of Nebraska

Terry A. Zimmer, Director, Maintenance, Administration

A.S., Broome Community College; B.S., SUNY Binghamton

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Education Courses

EDUC 501 Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing

EDUC 505 Early Childhood Curriculum and Assessment

EDUC 506 Introduction to Educational Research

EDUC 507 Introduction to Research and Teaching Languages Other than English

EDUC 515 Differentiating Instruction to Enrich Classroom Learning

EDUC 516 Selecting and Designing Enrichment Experiences for Children

EDUC 533 Meeting the Needs of Exceptional Children in Reading

EDUC 534 Seminar in Reading: Identifying Problems, Learning and Instructional

EDUC 535 Children’s Literature and Reading

EDUC 536 Meeting the Needs of the Linguistically Diverse Learner Through Literacy Instruction

EDUC 543 Elementary Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment

EDUC 545 Content Literacy in the Elementary Classroom

EDUC 546 Reading and Writing to Learn in the Content Areas

EDUC 552 Elementary Social Studies Curriculum and Assessment

EDUC 564 Workshop: New York State Elementary Science Program

EDUC 577 Issues in Diversity, Multicultural Education and Bilingualism

EDUC 580 Integrating Technology in Education

EDUC 581 Instructional Technology Design Principles

EDUC 582 Art Experiences in Education Classroom

EDUC 583 Telecommunications and Online Learning

EDUC 584 Language Acquisition and Emergent Literacy

EDUC 585 Seminar: Current Issues in Early Childhood Education

EDUC 586 Multimedia and Instructional Design

EDUC 587 Integrated Technology Applications and Issues

EDUC 588 Instructional Technology – Management and Evaluation

EDUC 592 Expressive Arts in the Elementary Classroom

EDUC 594 Graduate Special Topics in Education

EDUC 595 Methods of Teaching and Assessing Core Subject Areas in the Native Language and English

EDUC 599 Education: Independent Research and Study

EDUC 604 Fostering Cooperation and Caring in the Early Childhood Classroom

EDUC 612 Supervision of Student Teachers and Interns

EDUC 623 Foundations of Literacy Development

EDUC 626 Technology and Literacy in the Classroom

EDUC 631 Writing Process in Literacy Programs

EDUC 632 Improving Language Arts Programs in the Elementary School

EDUC 634 Trends and Issues in Literacy

EDUC 636 Literacy Coaching and Assessment

EDUC 641 Literacy Coaching and Assessment Practicum (Birth – Grade 6)

EDUC 645 Literacy Coaching and Assessment Practicum (Grades 5 – 12)

EDUC 655 Seminar in Graduate Study: Project Proposal

EDUC 656 Seminar in Graduate Study: ETEC Project Proposal

EDUC 660 Elementary Science Curriculum and Assessment

EDUC 694 Advanced Graduate Special Topics in Education

EDUC 695 Seminar in Graduate Study: Master’s Project and Practicum

EDUC 699 Advanced Independent Study: Education

Foreign Language Education Courses

Educational Psychology Counseling and Special Education Courses

English Courses

Foreign Languages and Literatures Courses

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