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December 22, 2010


ONEONTA, N.Y. -- Associate Professor Donna Vogler of the SUNY Oneonta Biology Department has been named Professor of the Month for December by the Network of Conservation Educators & Practitioners (NCEP) project. A global initiative of the American Museum of Natural History, NCEP works to promote the sustenance of biological and cultural diversity.

One key activity of the NCEP is development of teaching materials called "modules," which are created by educators and made available free of charge to supplement the coursework of established college classes. Vogler had incorporated NCEP modules into her sophomore Ecology class in 2004. Shortly thereafter, she began wondering if a presentation she had developed while studying cycads, which are evergreen plants found in subtropical and tropical climates, could serve as the basis for a module.

Working with the National Park Service, and drawing on her own experience as a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist, Vogler authored a project that discusses legal and illegal trade in rare plants using cycads as an example, and submitted it to the NCEP, which accepted it as a module. Now Vogler's "Stakeholder Analysis," which includes an

Donna Vogler
Associate Professor Donna Vogler
of the SUNY Oneonta Biology
Department poses with a cycad

exercise called "The Cyclad Game," is available to educators worldwide on the NCEP website.

I am thrilled for the honor of being selected as NCEP's Professor of the Month," said Vogler. "It's a great group with a great mission."

A member of the SUNY Oneonta faculty since 2000, Vogler earned a doctoral degree in Botany from Pennsylvania State University. She is a 2008 recipient of the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching. In 2009, Vogler received a $25,000 grant from the Federal Aviation Administration to field test the effectiveness of native plants at deterring animals from wandering onto airport runways.



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