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April 15, 2010



ONEONTA, N.Y. -- Two groups of students who worked with Dr. Jacqueline Bennett to develop an environmentally friendly method of preparing chemical compounds for use in manufacturing will present their research at Student Research Day at the SUNY College at Oneonta on Thursday, April 22, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the ballroom of the Hunt College Union.

A provisional patent application for the new method of synthesizing imines has been filed through the Technology Transfer Office of the Research Foundation of SUNY. More information about the method and the patent application is available at

Senior Chemistry major Kaitlyn Charles and sophomore Chemistry major Alyson Marmet will present "Quantification of Energy, Solvent, and Reagent Cost in Imine Synthesis and Comparison Between Modern and Traditional Methods." The presentation will describe the plans to quantify all costs associated with the new method of preparing the compounds versus the costs of traditional methods and other recent methods.

Anyango Kamina (junior, Chemistry and Biology), Michelle Linder (junior, Chemistry), and Samantha Kamp (senior, Chemistry and Biology) will present "Formation of Metal-Imine Complexes for Potential Use as Catalysts." Their research examines the potential uses of compounds developed with imines prepared by the new method.

More information about the patent application and the work of the student-researchers is available from Dr. Bennett of the SUNY Oneonta Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at (607) 436-3431 or




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