College Council


Each state-operated campus in the SUNY system has its own College Council, which includes as a voting member a student enrolled at the host institution. Members are appointed by the governor to seven-year terms with the exception of the student representative, who is elected by the student body.

The members of SUNY Oneonta’s College Council are:

  • Mr. Patrick Brown, chair
  • Mr. Joseph Bernier
  • Dr. David Brenner
  • Mrs. Martha Forgiano
  • Dr. Diane Georgeson
  • Ms. Kainat Malik
  • Mr. Mark McGough
  • Ms. Debra Parisian
  • Mrs. Virginia Pitkin Rossuck
  • Mr. Daniel Sniezek

College councils have specific statutory powers, such as naming buildings and making regulations regarding student conduct. Council meetings are open to the public, and each council meets at least four times a year. Within two days following each meeting, draft minutes and a digital audio recording of it will be available online. A written transcript of each meeting will be available upon request to the President's Office.

SUNY Oneonta’s College Council members also are members of ACT, the Association of Council Members and College Trustees of the State University of New York. ACT advocates for quality public higher education, encourages discussion of institutional and system-wide issues among college leaders, and seeks to strengthen SUNY generally.

Meeting Minutes and Audio Recordings

Visit the ACT website