SUNY Oneonta's Comprehensive College Plan


The SUNY College at Oneonta is committed to enhancing its position as a college of first choice by furthering its commitments to academic quality, enrollment management, student engagement, diversity and inclusion, the quality of campus life, community, and external support and image. The continued success of the College depends upon the campus community working together to achieve these goals.


GOAL: To continue to strengthen the quality of academic programs and the overall educational experience for our students.

A. Continue to improve the quality of instruction offered to our students and to engage students in academically rigorous, stimulating, and satisfying curricular and co-curricular experiences, demonstrating enhanced instructional quality through assessment of student learning outcomes in the context of on-going Middle States Association processes, specialized departmental accreditation processes, and SUNY General Education and academic program assessments.

B. Continue to celebrate the teaching and research accomplishments of faculty, and encourage on-going faculty development opportunities and incentives in a wide range of areas, including teaching effectiveness, culturally informed teaching, assessment of student learning, technology, and disciplinary research.

C. Remain a competitive college by maintaining current program quality and by actively pursuing new or revised programs that build upon the quality of faculty and current course offerings.

D. Continue to support graduate studies and to enhance the quality of existing and proposed graduate programs consistent with the College's overall goals for graduate education.

E. Promote an environment that encourages exploration of new and existing technologies to enhance teaching, learning, and research.

F. Ensure that students develop basic skills as well as the core competencies of computing and
information literacy necessary to identify, find, understand, evaluate, and use information.


GOAL: To attract and enroll talented and diverse students consistent with the College's mission, goals, and resources.

A. Solidify and build upon the College's "highly selective" status as defined by SUNY, increasing to 80% or more the percentage of freshman students in Groups I and II and reflecting the diversity of New York State.

B. Continue to strengthen the College's freshman profile, improving to a mean high school average greater than 90 and a mean combined math and verbal SAT score of 1150.

C. Maintain a stable enrollment of 5,600 AAFTE.

D. Establish and manage enrollment targets for undergraduate, graduate, international, readmit,
continuing, and non-degree populations with an integrated, College-wide effort coordinated through an integrated enrollment-management process.


GOAL: To improve students' academic experiences and increase students' engagement in intellectual activities.

A. Increase the freshman-to-sophomore retention rate to 85% and the six-year graduation rate to 65% through integrated, College-wide initiatives coordinated by the Enrollment Management Committee.

B. Engage a comprehensive review of and develop recommendations to improve the freshman academic experience, including pedagogy, curriculum, faculty/student interaction, student engagement in subject matter, academic support, diversity and inclusion, and co-curricular activities.

C. Use the ACT Student Opinion Survey, National Survey of Student Engagement, Alumni Survey, Withdrawal surveys, and input from our continuing dialog with students to target academic, student life, and administrative service initiatives to increase student satisfaction and to improve services for students and their families.

D. Identify needs and trends among student communities and develop concentrated efforts to address retention and achievement gaps among sub-populations of students.


GOAL: To implement the values of the College's Diversity Statement by supporting an inclusive, welcoming, safe, and intellectually stimulating campus environment.

A. Continue to increase the diversity of students, faculty, and staff to reflect better the demographic trends in New York State.

B. Assess the campus climate for diversity and inclusion on a regular basis, and use the assessment results for strategic planning.

C. Increase opportunities for women and under-represented groups in tenure-track academic lines, professional staff positions, and senior-level administration.

D. Coordinate activities to enhance the retention of students, faculty, and staff who represent sub-
populations that are in the minority on campus.


GOAL: To enhance the physical, human, and financial resources of the College in support of an environment conducive to studying, working, and living on campus.

A. Continue to provide efficient, convenient, responsive, and customer-oriented administrative services for our students, faculty, and staff, using current technology and best practices in business and related support services.

B. Make the College a "signature campus" within SUNY by continuing to create beautiful, functional, and well maintained campus facilities and grounds, while implementing multi-year plans for academic, residential, OAS, athletics and recreation, and related facilities.

C. Secure the financial resources and supporting services necessary for high-quality campus programs and services.

D. Provide development opportunities for all employees that promote professional growth, strengthen client-centered services, and enhance the quality of campus life.

E. Continue to provide faculty, students, and staff access to contemporary technology and effective training opportunities in the applications of technology.


GOAL: To continue to define and enhance the College community and the common
characteristics which engage all individuals in unified ways on and off campus.

A. Continue to enhance programs and events that foster collegiality and respect among all members of the broader campus community.

B. Improve communication through formal and informal means with the development of the College's communications plans, and build collaboration in the best interests of the College.

C. Continue to create events that recognize academic accomplishment, superior job performance, and College and community service to instill pride in College at Oneonta students, faculty, and staff.

D. Reach out and communicate to surrounding communities, businesses, non-profit groups, and county and state agencies the potential resources and partnerships available for mutual benefit.

E. Sustain a tradition of volunteerism in partnership with local, national, and international


GOAL: To strengthen the College through external support, enhance its image, and celebrate its traditions.

A. Sustain the College's ranking as the highest in alumni percent participation in giving among the state university colleges.

B. Ensure a total of more than $1 million annually in scholarship awards to talented and deserving students.

C. Raise charitable gifts and grants of $2 million and public grants of an additional $2 million for VisionsSolutions: The Fund for Science and Technology by June 30, 2010, to enhance academic quality and scholarships in the sciences, mathematics, computer science and statistics.

D. Expand the engagement of the diverse alumni population, notably young alumni, in support of the College through activities such as volunteer service, campus visits, recruitment, events, and charitable giving.

E. Continue to enhance the academic reputation of the College by increasing the amount of funding received from external sources and by engaging more faculty and staff in the grants-seeking process.


Adopted February 1997; revised April 1998, September 1999, December 2002, April 2006, January 2008