Walters 265 Decorator


Baltimore, Walters Art Museum, MS 265: Book of Hours

folio 15: Sequentiae: St. John


folio 17: Sequentiae: St. Luke

folio 19: Sequentiae: St. Matthew

folio 22v: Transfiguration.

folio 56v: Hours of the Virgin: Lauds.

folio 69: Hours of the Virgin: Prime

folio 80: Hours of the Virgin: Sexte

folio 85: Hours of the Virgin: Nones

folio 90: Hours of the Virgin: Vespers.

folio 98: Hours of the Virgin: Compline

folio 105: Penitential Psalms

folio 128: Hours of the Cross.

folio 142: Office of the Dead

folio 194: Prayer to the Virgin.


Paris, Bibl. Nat., fr. 172-173: St. Augustine, La Cité de Dieu. Manuscript was given to Jean de Berry by Pierre Salmon ca. 1407.

fr. 172, folio 5.

Fr. 173, fol 2.

Paris, Bibl. Nat., nouv. acq. lat. 3107 (St. Maur Hours), folio 77:

Brussels, Bibl. Royale, ms. 11140: Livre du trésor amoureux:

folio 15v



Paris, Bibl. Nat., fr. 926: Saint Bonaventura, L'aiguillon d'amour divin. Marie de Berry received the manuscript from her confessor Simon de Courcy. Statement on the verso of the first folio states that Courcy commissioned the manuscript and it was finished on May, 1406.

Marie de Berry in prayer before the Virgin, f. 2.

Peterborough, Museum and Art Gallery: Book of Hours, formerly in the Sibthorp and Chester Beatty Collections. Miniatures associated with Boucicaut Style, especially Nouv. acq. lat. 3107. Bibliography: Meiss, Boucicaut Master, pp. 134-135.

New York, The Cloisters, Belles Heures: this decorator was probably responsible for one gathering in the Belles Heures: the first gathering of the Office of the Passion, 17 (123-130):

The table on the linked page shows the frequent repitition of many of the same decorative motifs in the elaborate staffs attributed to this decorator.