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Revisions in the Art Major

As of the Fall of 2012, a significant revision of the Art major went into place. This affects any student who matriculated in August of 2012 or after and any student who matriculated before August 2012 who wants to choose the new requirements. These changes do not affect the Computer Art major. Note that the 2012-2013 college catalog that is posted on the college's web page is out of date.

What about students who matriculated before August, 2012, but are now just declaring the major? Academic Advisement has the following practice:

Usually, when current students change their major, we place them under the requirements in place at the time of their DECLARATION, unless they specifically ask to be under their MATRICULATION requirements. Thus, it will be possible for students who entered the college prior to Fall 2012 to eventually have the Fall 2012 requirements on their arrow sheet.

This means that students who matriculated before August, 2012 who declare the major after that date need to make sure they are under the old or new major requirements. On the Declaration or Change of Major/Conc/Degree/Advisor form students need to select either the "Requirements at the time of Matriculation" or "Newest Requirements" boxes. While the default will be to give students the new major, you have the right to declare under the old major as long as you matriculated before August, 2012.

The important changes in the major are:

1) Increase the number of semester hours in the major from 33 to 36 s.h..

2) Students are required to take an advanced course in their area of concentration. These are usually 300 level courses.

3) The course descriptions for the designated advanced courses have been changed to include the following statement: "Focus will be on having the student produce a body of work that can be incorporated into a professional quality portfolio."

4) The Computer Art Concentration in the revised major is replaced by a "New Media" concentration that includes courses in addition to the Computer Art courses.


For students who matriculated before August, 2012, why change?

a. Students might find the "New Media" concentration appealing.

b. the requirement to take an advanced course with an emphasis on portfolio development might be appealing to students interested in going on to graduate work.

c. the increased credit hours makes the revised major more substantial.

The department wants students to be aware of their options. You are encouraged to discuss these options with your advisor as a part of the pre-registration process. You are not required or even encouraged to change.

All students should pay careful attention to the 60 s.h. limit of Art courses that can be applied to the 122 s.h. Graduation requirement.

Comparison of Old and New Major

Key Dates for Art Department Pre-Enrollment

October 10-24: Students meet with advisor to go over advisement document (make sure to bring a copy to the meeting). Students fill out the course selection form (it is available on-line; bring a copy to the meeting) with their advisor who will initial it. Students then turn course selection form into the Department office (FAC 222).

Wednesday, October 24: Deadline for submitting the course selection form to the Department office.

Monday, October 29- Thursday, Nov. 1: students pick up the completed "Registration Form" from the Art Department office and take it to the Registrar's Office in the Administration Building.

Thursday, Nov. 1: Deadline for submitting the Registration form to the Registrar. If not submitted by that date, the registration form is void.