Geo/SAT Project

Members of the Remote Sensing Task Force working with EOSAT (Earth Observation Satellite Company) and Eidetic Digital Imaging Ltd have developed a series of environmental/satellite-based instructional packages under a project named Geo/SAT (Geography for Student Applications and Training). These packages are designed to assist the teaching of geography at the middle school, high school, and undergraduate levels through satellite remote sensing. Each package is built around an environmental issue and consists of a Teacher's Manual, a Landsat TM data set(s), and an image processing program called PEDAGeOG. Five packages have been prepared based on the oil spills during the Persian Gulf War, the nuclear accident at Chernobyl, the fires in Yellowstone, the 1993 flood around St. Louis, and the protection of wetlands around Charleston, SC.

PEDAGeOG has been prepared to allow students to display, enhance, and analyze the data sets. This software works on DOS 3.3 or higher machines with 640K memory and requires VGA graphics and a mouse. Hard disk space of 10 Mbytes should be available for files created by the software. PEDAGeOG operates in a Windows-like environment but does not requireWindows. The User's Manual includes generic lessons.

Task Force members have developed Teacher's Manuals for the packages which cover the basic concepts in satellite remote sensing and the Landsat program. These manuals provide background information on the environmental issues related to the data sets and lessons using the PEDAGeOG software.

Below are .GIF files generated from the Landsat data sets associated with this project. These files show the geographic coverage of each data set. Click on the thumbnail images to view larger full-resolution images.

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