Romantic 1820-1850

Slide No.70
Family group, empire waist sheath dress,
Betsy, interior robe for men (lounge robe).

Slide No.71
Sheath dress, poke bonnet, puffed and slashed
sleeves from the Renaissance, paisley shawl, parasol.

Slide No.72
Couple: man in cutaway jacket, colcravat, nankeen trousers, vest.
Woman - bonnet, slope shouldered gown, bateau neckline, large puffed
sleeves, excessive ribbons, fake flowers, bows. Young boy - trousers, bertha collar.

Slide No.73
Man - cutaway jacket, stove pipe hat, Prince Albert beard,
fur boa, "imbecile" (Donna Maria) sleeves, bertha collar

Slide No.74
Man - stove pipe hat, D'Orsay neckwear (black cravat), cutaway coat,
vest, pantaloons with stirrups, walking stick, sideburns, Note small feet
and tiny waist on men. Women - soft frilly doll look, skirt getting larger
due to the use of many petticoats, bonnet, mantelet (scarf).

Slide No.75
Frock coats (square, even front edge), stove pipe hat, side
burns patterned trousers, D'Orsay cravat (black neckwear)
vest, walking stick, men are dressed as dandies.

Slide No.76
Carrick or Inverness coat, caped coat, and stovepipe hat.

Slide No.77
Women as invalids, pelisse (cape),
mitts (fingerless gloves), and hair
parted in center with ringlets.

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