Slide No.32
Snake Goddess - bell shaped skirt/tiers called
"volants" apron in front, cinch belt, bolero blouse
short sleeves, exposed breasts, snake bracelets.

Slide No.33
Back view, snake Goddess, gold bands represent hoops to stiffen skirt.

Slide No.34
Bell shaped skirt, apron, cinch belt, conical hat, bolero top.

Slide No.35
Blouse and skirt, lots of makeup, long curled/braided hair.

Slide No. 36
Phallustache (loin cloth), genital protector, cinch belt.

Slide No.37
Phallustache and remains of chest protector, cinch belt.

Slide No.38 - Bull jumping Fresco.

Slide No.39
Artist rendition of Bull Jumping - Pallustache.

Slide No.40 - Early Armor.

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