Mesopotamia 3500-600 BC

Slide No.6 & 7
Kaunakes - fur skirt
Kaunakes (back view) tied with animal tail

Slide No.8
Rhino fur shawl or cape

Slide No.9
Kaunakes variations

Slide No.10
Note hair, beard, fringe, tunic/caftan

Slide No.11
Ball fringe trimmed tunic/caftan

Slide No.12
Procession of soldiers in front of early
chariot, tunic/caftan, spiked turban

Slide No.13
Sargon II - spiked turban, large earrings, carefully trimmed beard

Slide No.14
Darius II - togue hat, tunic/caftan

Slide No. 15
Typical Persian man and woman Tunics of rich
fabrics, soft leather shoes with upturned toes, fringed capes

Slide No.16
Mosiac of Persian Archers - Tunic/Caftan, and boots.

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