Late Victorian 1870 - 1890

Slide No.10
Left - pelisse, stove pipe hat, full beard right
morning suit, swallow tail jacket, ascot, square toed shoes.

Slide No.11
Assorted suits, variations on sack suits, vests,
fold down collars. Boater/sailor hat, stove pipe hat.

Slide No. 12
Bustle dresses for women, skirt swept up in poufs to form
bustle, front has an apron effect. Hats - bibis hair piled
on head toward back. Hats perch on head or slant forward.
Tied under chin or held in place with hatpin through hair.
Slide No.13
Bustle - back known as a waterfall.

Slide No.14
Early 1800's dresses slim "cuirass" dress. Tight
long bodice, snug, narrow hips. May have a train,
ruffle from knees down is the sweeper. Scarf filling
in neck - tucker. Tiny bonnets - Langtrey bonnet.

Slide No.15
Traveling costume - narrow look lets them have long coats.

Slide No.16
Evening attire - Men tuxedo without tails. Women - low
neck, bateau necklines, dog collar necklaces, fish tail trains.

Slide No.17
Large bustle returns in 1885. Nearly a shelf at right
angles to spine. Long waisted torso. Flat front, dog collar.

Slide No.18
Assorted day ware, bustles, boater hat on figure in light
colored dress and Tam O'Shanter hat on other two women.

Slide No.19
Lounge suit on man. Derby hat and
top hat on stick. Woman in bustle dresses.

Slide No.20
First of the bathing costumes.
Note: Cuirasstorso and sweeper on women's version.
Men use a variation of the combination underwear.

Slide No.21
Sports play a larger and larger role in fashion.
Striped garment of man in front in an early blazer.

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