Q.  Why are images blurry on my computer monitor but not blurry on the lab computer

A.  The college computer labs use high resolution monitors. You may need to adjust the
      resolution settings on your computer monitor to get a sharper or clearer image . Also,
      adjusting the brightness of the mo nitor's screen may improve image quality.

Q.  Only half of the picture is showing on my monitor!

A.  Transmitting pictures over the Internet is a complex operation. Sometimes the electronic
      signal (data) gets distorted and provides only a "partial download" of an image. Use the
      "Reload" or "Refresh" button on your browser to repeat the downloading of the web page.

Q.  Why does it occasionally take awhile to download the web pages?

A.  A lot of students are using the system or your computer may not be as fast as the lab
      computers. Modem connections (PPP) are much slower than the "network connections"
      provided in the dorms or "docking stations" throughout the campus. Once the p ictures
      load, they will be stored in the computer's temporary memory and reload much faster
      when you dither (switch) between web pages. That is, if you have not turned off,
      restarted, or rebooted (reset) your computer, or closed and re-opened your browser.

Q.  Why are the computer pictures more colorf ul than the slides?

A.  The strong light of the slide projector has effected the color dyes in the film. Many of the
      images on the website have been "color-enhanced" to restore their original quality. Also,
      no two 'brand-name' monitors display exactly the same hue for a designated color.

Q.  Why aren't all the slides we saw in class on the website?

A.  Occasionally, your instructor will come across an interesting slide that may help you gain
      a better understanding of the history behind the clothing during a particular era. Don't
      worry, only the slides on the website will be used for the tests.

Q.  The information under the picture is slightly different than what is in "The History of
      Costume" notebook/study guide.

A.  The information has been updated. If something is confusing, ask your instructor for
      further information about the picture's contents or description.

Q.  Can I print out the pictures?

A.  Yes! However, this puts a tremendous strain on the printer and can cause a considerable
     &n bsp;delay for you and anyone else (standing in line behind you) waiting for information to be
      printed out. It also uses up an extremely huge quantity of ink. Try to be conservative
      when deciding whether or not you "really" need to print a picture.

     Also, if you have a "floppy" disk, you can "right-click" you r mouse on a picture and select
     the "save to" option. Save it to drive "A". Then you can view it at home on your own
     computer.  A "floppy" disk can hold about 6 images.

Q.  Do I need to be on the campus computer system to view this web site?

A.  A beautiful aspect of this website is that you can view it from any computer any where on
      the planet that has Internet access, anytime day or night!

Q.  Can using this website improve my grade?

A.  Students who review the pictures on this website, or the slides, will do much better on the
      tests. By getting together with other classmates and reviewing the pictures, as well as
      talking about the dates and other things in the textbook or discussed during class, you
      will remember much more information than the student who dosen't participate in review
      groups. Not only will discussing the information improve your memory, another classmate
      in the group may bring up an important fact that you may have completely forgotten
      or missed due to an absence.

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