Slide No.70
Farthingale, pointed stomacher, padded sleeves, whisk,
melon breeches over canions, garters, doublet with peascod belly.

Slide No.71
Cartwheel farthingale over a bolster, pointed
stomacher,stiffened with a bask, padded sleeves, short
frizzed hair, high forehead, white arsenic based make-up.

Slide No.72
Conical farthingale, high ruff, stiff
stomacher, dress laced together with points.

Slide No.73
Cartwheel farthingale over a bolster,
stiffened stomacher, padded sleeves, ruff.

Slide No.74
A ball/dance, good view of bolstered farthingale, ruff,padded
sleeves; Men - Venetians, hose, doublets, peascod belly, ruff.

Slide No.75
Spanish style, high waist coat - marlotte, ruff or open neck
whisk, Spanish clothes almost always black, white gold or silver.

Slide No.76
VanDyke beard, ruff, gorget (armor collar),
doublet with peascod belly, padded sleeves.

Slide No.77
Tennis - a French invention, pork - pie hat, Van Dyke beard, ruff,
mandillion cape, doublet with peascod belly, venetians, hose, mules.

Slide No. 78 - Van Dyke beard, laced ruff.

Slide No.79
Pork - pie hat, ruff, doublet with peascod belly, mandillion
cape, melon breeches stuffed with bombast, hose, mules.

Slide No.80 - Whisk, doublet, slops, embroidered hose, mules.

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