Slide No.100
Kennedy Era. Ivy league/preppie tailored clothes for men,
use of men's hats decreases. Designer fashions for women.
Jackie Kennedy - pillbox hat, bouffant hair, coats with large buttons.

Slide No. 101
Jackie Kennedy look
ensemble coat and dress, boxy suit, pillbox hat.

Slide No.102
Short sleeved day dresses.
Flowerpot hat, Audrey Hepburn look.

Slide No.103
Mohair sweaters and stirrup pants influenced
by the first televised Olympics at Squaw Valley.

Slide No.104
Italian - Sophia Loren look.
Hostess top and toreador/capri pants.

Slide No.105
Bikini bathing suits named for Bikini
Atoll in Pacific where atomic testing was done.

Slide No.106
Moon girl look. Inspired by space exploration and moon landing.
Also revivalof the Gothic look surcoat from the movie Camelot.

Slide No.107
Beatles rock group. Nearly overnight young
men started growing their hair long. Ushered
in the English Carnaby Street look of fashions.

Slide No.108
Uni-sex look - Men and women dressing the
same. Bold prints and stripes for both men and women.

Slide No.109
Hippies/flower children antiestablishment, counter
culture group. Experimented with drugs, sex, communal living.
Were a part of the general anti - Vietnam War protest movement.

Slide No.110
Mini skirt, love beads, long straight-ironed hair, often accompanied
by Go - Go boots. Introduced by London designer Mary Quant.

Slide No.111
Hot pants, short shorts, butterfly collar blouses with billowy sleeves.

Slide No.112
Civil Rights movement. Forced integration, marches,
rights, strikes. Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
and Robert Kennedy. Black Power Movement, ethnic apparel.

Slide No.113
Woodstock Rock Festival, Woodstock, NY, 1969

Slide No.114
Levi's blue jeans become a form of protest and a virtual uniform
of the youth. Long shoulder length hair for men and women.

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