Slide No.86
Sweater girl look - tight knit sweater and
sweater sets (twins - shell and cardigan). Shorts for women.

Slide No.87
Return of the petticoat to make skirt stand out.
Corsets back to cinch waist and push out breasts.

Slide No.88
Cocktail dress, sleeveless, Mamie Eisenhower bangs.

Slide No.89
Shirtwaist dress - I love Lucy or Donna Reid look.

Slide No.90
Dressmaker suits - spike heals, matching
shoes and purse, always gloves and hat.

Slide No.91
Spaghetti straps, Chanel slip dress/chemise,
the little black dress and a string of pearls, cocktail dress.

Side No.92
Ensemble - sheath and coat/jacket
outfits, shoes, purse match, hat and gloves.

Slide No.93
"Strapless" comes in due to
corsets and boning, elbow length gloves.

Slide No.94
Wedding gowns take on the
"Queen for a Day" look. Elizabeth II in the early 1950's.

Slide No.95
"Sack" dress, return of the hobble with a baggy
seat. Note: No waistline, flowerpot hat, man in suit.

Slide No.96
Trapeze/A-line tent dress. Hung flared from shoulders.

Slide No.97
Gray flannel suit, striped tie, white shirt,
fedora hat the uniform of the 1950's businessman.

Slide No.98
Overcoat - vicuna, camel's hair,
cashmere were popular. Narrow ties.

Slide No.99
Bermuda shorts for men, sports shirts, knee high socks.

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