Slide No.74
WWII 1939 - 1945, men in military
attire. Women in single-breasted garments,wide
padded shoulders, large buttons, knee length dresses.

Slide No.75
Long hair furs, scarves on hair,
gowns reminiscent of Minoan and Assyrian costume.

Slide No.76
"Utility clothes" shirtwaists and styles
to comply with war regulations on fabric use.

Slide No.77
Women's Chesterfield coat - velvet collar,
large buttons of plastic,Galoshes - boots, clutch purse.

Slides No.78 & 79
Elegant satin gowns or married in a suit
because he was being shipped overseas.

Slide No.80
Big Band Era. Zoot suit look. High waist pants,
suspenders, extra large bow tie, watch chain.

Slides No.81 & 81a
Bobbie Soxer
stockings in short supply, brought in
leg make - up and use of socks by women.
Saddle shoes and loafers. Sweaters and pleated skirts.

Slide No.82
Post WWII New Era of casual clothes for men.
Linen "palm beach" or "ice cream" suits in white,
beige,pastels, knit polo shirts. Women in skirt waist dress.

Slide No.83
Sport jacket, Windsor tie (standard necktie)

Slide No.84
1947 New look by Christian Dior.
Women threw out wardrobes and totally
changed style. Tight waist, big circular skirt, snug bodice.

Slide No. 85
New Look - full skirt, tight waist, platter hat.

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