Slide No.64
Double-breasted suits for men. Wide lapels,
panama hat (boater). Use of tie bar to keep tie in place.

Slide No.65
Sports coat, slacks. Use of mixed jackets
and pants gain popularity for casual occasions as it
extends the use of clothing during the depression.

Slide No.66
King Edward 8th abdicates his crown for the "Woman I Love"
marries Wallis Simpson an American divorcee. He is exiled
from England and leads the society set for the rest of his life.
Major influence on men's fashion.

Slide No.67
Dresses' mid - calf or longer. Narrow, or a moderate
flare to skirt.Lots of natural waists. Bias cut,
unusual seams with a small hat perched to one side.

Slide No.68
Bias cut - Note: diagonal pattern of stripes. Small hat.

Slide No.69
Thanks to Chanel - knit dress- ensemble, jacket and dress combination.

Slide No.70
Cowl or large T - neck ensemble on Ginger Rogers.

Slide No.71
Jean Harlow (actress) platinum blonde hair,slinky
dresses cut on bias. Note: spiral seaming. Backless dresses.

Slide No.72
Assorted playwear.
Backless, halter-top, canvas tennis shoes

Slide No.73
Pants for women, flared at hem, worn
for extreme casual wear only. Also called beach pajamas.

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