Slide No.53
Era of prosperity and jazz. Flapper
girl in short dress, beads, and bobbed hair.

Slide No.54
Slender, lithe look for men - slicked hair, shiny
patent leather shoes, man in opera cape and tuxedo.

Slide No.55
Edward 8th ( Prince of Wales ) the major social mediator of
fashion. Shown here in a suit and overcoat, ascot at the neck.
Slide No.56
Cardigan sweater, plus - fours/oxford bags,
argyle socks, wingtip shoes, club stripe tie.

Slide No.57
Assorted styles of dropped waist dresses.
Note: beginning of bias cut so popular
in the 1930's. Center figure has on a
cloche hat and a dolman/charmeuse coat.

Slide No.58
Cloche hat, dropped waist, narrow, knee
length dress, sailor collar, T - strap shoes.

Slide No.59
Flapper dress - slip dress, sleeveless garments. Straight look.
Corsets gone but a breast band is used to flatten chest. Long strings
of beads, ostrich plume fan, t - strap shoes. Costume jewelry acceptable.

Slide No.60
Raccoon coats for both men and women.

Slide No.61
Bobbed hair also known as shingle or Eton crop. First time for
women to cut hair short. Use of heavy makeup influenced by silent movie
stars and the discovery of King Tut's tomb and the Egyptian eyeliner kohl.

Slide No.62
Betty Boop look
rolled stockings, bobbed hair, flapper dress, beads.

Slide No.63
Swim wear - almost a uni-sex look develops.
Knit suits - tank tops, shorts for men and a skirt for women.

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