Slide No.33
Roosevelt at 18 - hair parted in center,
4-in-hand tie, watch chain, sack suit.

Slide No.34
Creased trousers, cuffs, derby (bowler) hat, patterned suit.

Slide No.35
Chesterfield coat - double breasted, fur
or velvet collar, belted in back, overcoat.
Slide No.36
Corset creates mono - bosom look.
Shape to body, garters for stockings.

Slide No.37
Lingerie or tea dress. A lace dress for afternoon, graduations,
weddings. Note: High neck, tight sleeves and mono - bosom.

Slide No.38
Day dresses - s-curve, Gainsborough or merry widow hat, high
neck, tight sleeves, bell (umbrella) skirt. Many gored sections
to create a flare at the hem. Mono - bosom "Pigeon - pouter."

Slide No.39
Introduction of ladies suits for the work
place, tailored jacket, tight at hips, flared skirt.

Slide No.40
Automobile introduced. Required clothes
to shield occupants from dust, bugs and rain.

Slide No.41
Duster and bonnet to keep clothes protected.

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