Slide No.22
Bustle is going or gone. Leg O' Mutton sleeve and a
high neck are thethings to look for. Skirts take on a
smoother look through the hips. Parasol, gloves.

Slide No.23
Leg O'Mutton sleeves, high neck,
hair always upswept, Feathers - aigrette.

Slide No.24
Evening ball gowns have a low
neckline, wasp waist - often a train as well.
Slide No.25
Pompadour hair is back; "Gibson Girl"
look popularized by artist Charles Dana Gibson.

Slide No.26
Shirtwaist - tailored blouse.

Slide No.27
"Gibson Girl" look - boater, shirtwaist,
tie, tailored jacket, and bell shaped skirt.

Slide No.28
Collets (fur caplet) Gainsborough
or merry widow hats. Note: ostrich plumes.

Slide No.29
Gray frock coat, vest, trousers, high winged dux
collar, scarf tie (ascot) gloves, bone handled cane.

Slide No.30
Cap, Handlebar moustache named for bicycle handlebars.
Starched turn over collar, 4-in-hand tie, vest, jacket, trousers.

Slide No.31
Tuxedo - tails return - only for evening, satin lapels.

Slide No.32
Bicycle attire - brings in "pants"
bloomers/culottes for women, fedora hat.

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