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Raw Sewage Entering Lake Nicaragua.
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Surface and Subsurface Terms to Know

Hydrologic Cycle Illustration

Water Resources Research Project Presentation Guidelines "An Overview:  World Population and Water" --  Paul Simon
Silver Creek Fieldtrip Not a Drop to Drink:  World Water Crisis Overview from the United Nations World Water Development Report, Water for People, Water for Life
Exam Study Guides The Coming Water Crisis - U.S. News & World Report
  Water Conflict Chronology -  Peter H. Gleick, Pacific Institute
(Just glance over this article.  you may be surprised by the number of water related conflicts)
Article Review Assignment in Lieu of Attending Evening Lecture  Water Resources Groundwater Quality and Groundwater Pollution - Harter, Public Reference Publication
Click this link for Milne Library Electronic Reserves America's Water Supply: Status and Prospects for the Future

Riparian Zone Classification Systems; Wetland Resources Terminology; Major Wetland Research Conclusions  -- Allen

The Aral Sea Crisis:  Desiccation and Perspectives on Recovery -- Allen


To access files that are located on Milne Library Electronic Reserve follow these directions:
Some of the readings for this class will be posted to Milne Library Electronic Reserve.  The articles are very easy to access and download. You will need a password to access the site.  The password was supplied to you in class.  By clicking the link below, you will be taken directly to the Electronic Reserves Homepage.  Click Electronic Reserves, then click Electronic Reserves and Reserves Pages, then click Course Reserves Pages by Instructor, then select Instructor Allen out of the dropdown list, then click on your course name. Type the password and you will see the list of readings.  Select the appropriate reading as you where instructed on the syllabus and by your professor.